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20mm Spanish Civil War Figures - Republican Forces

Name Price
     Popular Army Command & Staff (Minairons) - 2 Officers, 2 LMG teams, 1 MMG team 1 Republican Flag, and 2 Kneeling Figures. photo photo $15
     Popular Army Infantry (Minairons) - 13 Riflemen With Moisin Nagant (Mexicanski) Rifles, 2 NCOs with SMG. All Different. photo photo $15
     Popular Army Infantry: Side Cap $10
     Popular Army Infantry: Round Hats $10
     Popular Army Infantry: French Helmets $10
     Popular Army Infantry: Spanish Helmet $10
     Popular Army Infantry: Kneeling with Round Hat $10
     First Assault Brigade (mixed headgear) Czech Helmet $10
     Republican Militia Infantry: Beret (suitable for Basques) $10
     5th Regiment (Stalinist) in Side Cap photo photo photo $10
     Durutti Column (Anarchist) photo $10
     Maurin Column (Anarchist) photo $10
     Lenin Column (non-Stalinist Communists) $10
     Adalusians in Sombrero $10
     Rosa Luxembourgo Women's Battalion photo photo photo $10
     International Brigade: Abraham Lincoln Battalion $10
     International Brigade: Commune de Paris Battalion photo $10
     International Brigade: XI Internationals (Madrid 1936) photo photo $10
     International Brigade: Thaelmann Centuria $10
     International Brigade: Charging Internationals photo $10
     International Brigade: Internationals or Militia Command photo photo photo $10
     Popular Army Cadre (6 figures, peaked cap) $5
     Popular Army MMG: Firing with Maxim $5
     Popular Army LMG: Firing with Russian LMG (Round Hats) $5
     Popular Army LMG: Advancing with Russian LMG (French Helmet) $5
     Popular Army LMG: Avancing with Russina LMG (firing with Madsen, Mixed Headgear) $5
     Militia LMG in Sombrero Advancing, Firing (Lewis Gun) $5
     Militia LMG in Beret Advancing, Firing (Lewis Gun) $5
     International Brigade: XI Internationals Lewis Gunners Advancing photo $5
     Popular Army Cavalry in French Helmet Advancing with Carbines $10
     Popular Army Cavalry in French Helmet Charging with Sabres $10